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Welcome to the web site of the Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics. The Center has been founded with the help from Cymer Corporation, General Atomics, and the Jacobs School of Engineering.

The Center’s mission is to maintain the highest international academic profile of UC San Diego’s control program, serve as a catalyst for interaction with industry and federal research sponsors, foster collaborations with researchers from other fields, and recruit outstanding undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty in control systems to UCSD.

Control Theory. The CCSD team includes world leaders in the development of the mathematical and theoretical basis of control and dynamical system modeling, analysis, estimation, and design. These theories, while frequently engendered by specific applications, form the intellectual core of Control and Dynamic Systems and are applicable to a wide range of problem domains, some of which are mentioned below. The ability to access and to invent new theory is critical to the formulation of approaches to real problems and to the provision of performance specifications and guarantees.

CCSD’s research applications span a broad range:

Control of Propulsion and Energy Systems. We are active in control applications to gas turbines and aeroengines, aerodynamics, automotive engines, magnetic fusion control, magnetically levitated trains, and a wide spectrum of applications in control and estimation of fluid, thermal, and plasma dynamics.

Sensor Networks and Unmanned Systems. We have active efforts in unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles, a leading group in coordinated motion control, a unique effort in command and control of military operations subject to incomplete or deceptive information, and a group working on control problems related to wireless communication systems.

Control of Structures and Noise. One of our major areas of strength is in vibration control problems in aerospace and civil structures, seismic shake tables, and acoustic noise suppression.

Control of Positioning Systems. Our activities in mechanical motion control systems include applications to hard disk drives, semiconductor manufacturing, and an effort in atomic force microscopes.

Finance and Optimization. The center has vast expertise in various aspects of optimization: model based and non-model based, numerical, and real-time optimization. In addition, its faculty’s interests include financial engineering and mathematics.

Biological Systems. We have a large and growing array of efforts and interests in biological systems, from sensory-motor control in musculo-skeletal and neural systems, to animal locomotion, to control of genetic expression in regulatory networks, to medical devices.

As mentioned above, besides applications, the center’s faculty are leaders in many areas of mathematical control theory, including robust control, nonlinear control, stochastic systems, adaptive control, system identification, optimal control and dynamic games, geometric mechanics and nonholonomic systems, delay systems, and distributed parameter systems.

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