Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE 280ALinear Systems Theory
MAE 280B Linear Control Design
MAE 281A Nonlinear Systems
MAE 281B Nonlinear Control
MAE 282 Adaptive Control
MAE 283A Parametric Identification: Theory and Methods
MAE 283B Approximate Identification and Control
MAE 284 Robust and Multivariable Control
MAE 286 Optimization and Control of Fluid Systems
MAE 287 Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
MAE 288AOptimal Control (formerly MAE285B)
MAE 288B Optimal Estimation (formerly MAE285A)
MAE 289 Intro. to Functional Analysis With Applications
MAE 290A,B Numerical Methods for ODEs, PDEs, and Control
MAE 207 Integrated Control and Design of Structures
MAE 207Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems
MAE 207 Robot Motion Planning
MAE 207 Hybrid Systems
MAE 207 Stochastic Control


MATH 212A,B,C Introduction to the Mathematics of Systems and Control
MATH 271A,B,C Numerical Optimization
MATH 285A,B Stochastic Processes
MATH 286 Stocastic Differential Equations
MATH 294 Mathematics of Finance

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 270A,B,CNeurocomputing
ECE 272 Stochastic Processes in Dynamic Systems
ECE 275A,B Parameter Estimation
ECE 276A,B Robot Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control

Structural Engineering

SE 202 Structural Stability
SE 203 Structural Dynamics
SE 205 Nonlinear Mechanical Vibrations
SE 261 Aerospace Engineering Design

Cognitive Science

COGS 272 Optimality in Neural Computation
COGS 272 Neural Control of Movement


BENG 213C System Biology 3 (Dynamics of Gene Regulatory Networks)


PHYS 221A,B Nonlinear and Noequilibrium Dynamics of Physical Systems

Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 218 Software Architecture for Distributed, Reactive Systems
CSE 291 Software Reliability Methods
CSE 294 Software and Systems Engineering Seminar

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