Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE 142 Dynamics and Control of Aerospace Vehicles
MAE 143A Signals and Systems
MAE 143B Linear Control
MAE 143C Digital Control
MAE 143D Applied Structural Control
MAE 149 Sensor Networks
MAE 155A,B Aerospace Engineering Design
MAE 171A,B Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (see also the Undergraduate Control Laboratory
MAE 175A,B Aerospace Engineering Laboratory
MAE 180A,B Space Science and Engineering


MATH 171A,B Mathematical Programming - Numerical Optimization
MATH 193A,B Actuarial Mathematics
MATH 194 Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 101 Linear Systems Fundamentals
ECE 156 Sensor Networks
ECE 171 Linear Control System Theory
ECE 172A Introduction to Intelligent Systems: Robotics and Machine Intelligence
ECE 173 Theory and Applications of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
ECE 174 Introduction to Linear and Nonlinear Optimization with Applications

Structural Engineering

SE 101C Structural Dynamics
SE 104 Aerospace Structural Analysis
SE 160A,B Aerospace Structural Design


BENG 122A Biosystems and Control
BENG 125 Computational Bioengineering


PHYS 155 Nonlinear Dynamics

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