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Fall 2008

Dec 5, 2008 Geir Dullerud University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Nov 21, 2008 John Wen Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Nov 17, 2008 Colin Jones ETH Zurich
Nov 14, 2008 Andrea Serrani Ohio State University
Nov 7, 2008 Southern California Nonlinear Control Workshop (hosted by CCSD)
Oct 31, 2008 Mihailo Jovanovic University of Minnesota
Oct 24, 2008 Ruth Williams UC San Diego
Oct 17, 2008 Andrew Teel UC Santa Barbara
Oct 10, 2008 Magnus Egerstedt Georgia Tech
Oct 3, 2008 George Yin Wayne State University
Sep 26, 2008 Systems, Control, and Tensegrity Workshop - The Research Legacy of Prof. R. Skelton
Sep 25, 2008 John Junkins Texas A&M University
Recent Advances in Multi-Resolution Approximation for Modeling and Control

Spring 2008

May 30, 2008 P. S. Krishnaprasad (University of Maryland)
Pursuit and Cohesion: From Biology to Autonomous Vehicles
May 16, 2008 Suhada Jayasuriya (Texas A&M University)
Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems under Realistic Constraints - A Novel Perspective
April 25, 2008 Kevin L. Moore (Colorado School of Mines)
Dynamic Resource Networks: Coordination and Control of Networks with Mobile Actuators and Sensors
April 14, 2008 Lennart Ljung (Linkoping University)
System Identification: From Data to Models

Winter 2008

March 14, 2008 Mehran Mesbahi (University of Washington)
Graph-theoretic methods in multi-agent coordination
March 7, 2008 John Baillieul (Boston University)
From Hong Kong to the Frontier of Information-Based Control
February 29, 2008 Tariq Samad (Honeywell Labs, Minneapolis, Minnesota)
From Algorithms to ImpactóìBig Pictureî Considerations for Industrial Automation and Control
February 22, 2008 Sanjay Lall (Stanford University)
Computation of Decentralized Control Systems
February 15, 2008 Panos Antsaklis (University of Notre Dame)
Networked Embedded Control Systems: Model-Based and Intermittent Feedback
February 8, 2008 Galip Ulsoy (University of Michigan)
Analysis and Control of Time Delay Systems via the Lambert W-Function
February 1, 2008 Daniel E. Rivera (Arizona State University)
Inventory Management in Supply Chains (and Beyond): Insights Gained from a Process Control Perspective
January 7, 2008 Ian R. Petersen (University of New South Wales)
Stability robustness of a feedback interconnection of systems with negative imaginary frequency response